Sunday, January 22, 2017

What's Inside Volume III

We’re only 22 days in and 2017 has already been quite the ride. I have so many things planned this year for writing, but what I am most excited for is something that was completed back in 2016. Something called Down On The Other Street: Vol 3.

I know. I know.

The reports on Vol 3 have pretty much been a light flurry of posts all littered with requests for more time. That’s not exactly the case here. Today, is the pre-game ceremony for what you’ve been ever so kind in waiting for: the release of Volume 3. There are a few matters to look over, but I wanted to share what’s inside, and, officially announce that wait is almost over.

What’s inside Volume III—in no particular order:

Us & Them: Power Lines
To Keep You
1096 Miles

Monday, December 26, 2016

Excerpt from Vol III: ‘Luck’


Two years of living in Queens, and I hadn’t made it: I didn’t have any dependable friends, unless you count the pre-med students I sold to; couldn’t sit still long enough to prove everyone wrong by writing the next ‘Great American Novel;’ and couldn’t afford to leave. I was on a park bench, eating a gourmet meal of assorted mints, in the company of two black garbage bags the evidence clerk had shoved all of my ‘approved for release’ items into. That is when it happened.

I hadn’t heard them running. They hadn’t cried out for help.

Dressed in dark, muddied clothing, no more than a foot from the bench, they collapsed in the grass. The whispers I heard about tents and “going back to our park” gave them away: occupy protesters.

When morbid curiosity finally disguised itself as Good Samaritan duty, I walked over and saw the holes in them. Rubber bullets. Hand in hand, they shared possession of the evidence, awaiting the tomb of rigor mortis.

Two men. One wore a red flannel shirt, had a shaved head and scraggly gray beard, which added a touch of character to his blotted-with-pimples and graying skin. The other had brunette locks and was still taking in air, weakly, despite the blood spilling from his chest—mingling with the shallow puddle at his partner’s side. I knew then.

They were my ticket. 

-- End Except--

Happy reading,

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Update: The State of What This Is

On the USA being exactly who we thought it was: 

Self-care is such a necessary and beautiful thing. Based on the calls and reactions from the election night results, in the midst of reading/writing think-pieces and pointing fingers (if you voted for a 3rd party candidate—that's your right, and while I disagree with taking that action in this election—you have an ally and defender in me), please remember to allow people the space and time for it today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Also, to the amazing organizers, socio-economic revolutionaries, 'not quite sure but always in support of dialogue and active listening’ allies, and, fellow LGBTQ family and POC that I'm so very proud to know: we're going to be alright. It may take what feels like 1 too many days of rest during about 1460 of endurance, but together, we'll pick up the ground lost and then some.

On Down On The Other Street Volume III: 

I love this book .I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to say good-bye to this series, it has been such a wild but wonderful catharsis for me. However, I recognize that it must and will be done. That said, I do apologize, but there will be another delay. I need a bit more time practicing self-care following the USA elections. When Vol III is released, I want to be able to celebrate as a writer, while working to resist and revoke the unacceptable tides reemerging in the country as an activist. 

As always, thank you for your kindness and patience.

Happy reading, 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How The Fall Turned Winter

Revised for the fifth time, she whispered, “And, now? Do you love it?”

It’s seven in the morning and I’m surprised she’s taken my call, patiently listening, again, as I explain why Volume III hasn’t been released.

There's a .pdf of Volume III staring at me from my computer screen. Wrapped in a blue blanket, watching the steam rise from my tea, I tell her the truth.

“Yeah, but I got this new idea.”

“The story you weren’t sure about adding?”


“You’re putting it in?”



“No, I’ve got a different idea.”

“This is why you’re single.”

She’s always good for a laugh at unfortunate hours to be wake.  I tell her, again, why I don’t want Volume III to end on its current note. After a little 'I told you so' teasing and unrelated prodding to ‘buy a goddam ipod,’ she tells me what I already know. For me, and hopefully you, Volume III is worth the wait. 

Down On The Other Street: Volume III 
December 2016 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Non-Definitive Guides & Release Dates

Volume III

                   Vol. III

                            Volume Three

I am utterly thrilled that it’s almost time to prepare the countdown for Down On The Other Street: Vol III. This series has been such an amazing journey for me as a writer that I can honestly say I’ve been proactively mourning its end. 

I can’t wait to openly heap praises on the many hands that were involved, and share the details behind each stories inspiration. However, those days won’t arrive until we leave the heat of summer for the brisk winds of fall. I hope you’re as still as excited as I am, and that you find Vol III to be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I do hope you find time to check out an article I wrote for Philadelphia Print Works. Titled "Your Activism Might Be Bullsh@!: ANon-Definitive Guide", if you’ve ever wanted a quick—yet firm—glance into my personal politics, or, a handy go to when trying to suss out the red flags for BS activism, this article may be for you.

Much love and happy reading,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alphabet: No Soup


In the English alphabet there are 26. 

Those 26 letters come together to make still undiscovered sounds. 

Wrapped in those sounds, with emotions that defy the bounds of 'care,' are words. 

Those words, simple in the complexity of being malleable by a change in tone, create names. 

The world is composed of many names. 

Persons, places, things and the unknown are all given names. 

When there is a lover at our door, 

Death pressed against the window, 

Or abyss awaiting our courage to explore,

We call them by a name.

In the United States, as the tally count flows and acts of justice wither

We huddle together:

Anonymous strangers among the digital and face to face masses,

And use letters.

It's not gleeful chant ,but un-blessed mantra

Say their names.

Say their names. 

Remember why we must say their names.